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Cleaning & Repair


After a fire, flood, smoke or mold occurs in your building structure, environmental health factors need to be addressed for your property to ensure a safe return to your building and contents. It’s very important to have a specialist who can identify, handle, clean, disinfect, deodorize, and re-set all the affected contents. The sanitization process used to clean your propery should use advanced ultrasonic machinery, cleaning agents, and deionized water to ensure thorough cleaning of the contents allowing us to confidently and properly clean all types of affects contents.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

When cleaning many of your contenst, ultrasonic cleaning is a powerful, cost effective and environmentally safe way to restore a wide range of non porous materials, from delicate items to heavy machinery.

Think of it as precision-light powered towel, that wipes away affected surface agents with out changing the surface of your posessions. The process uses hot deionized water, which is a much safer and cleaner way to clean contents in comparison to regular hand cleaning, and proivdes a a very fldexible process to intricate or other things not well suited for chemical cleaning - and it does all this with unmatched results.


Damaged and salvageable items are repaired & restored to their previous condition by various contents specialists. Item are returned in pre-loss condition and removes the un-necessarily disposal of items. Repair processes, severity and procedures vary based on the type of environmental influence and the type of contents.