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What does this mean

Protein Fire: Protein fires create an especially unique restoration challenge. Fire damage caused by burnt food can also create odor issues which are difficult to mitigate. Here are some important facts regarding this type of fire. Protein fires generally leave little visible residue, often confusing the untrained observer. They create a significantly more repugnant smell than most other fires. The nature of the burn causes the odor to permeate structure and furniture even more completely than other fires

What is the hazard

The strong smells can create nausea in the home owners.

What needs to be done

Protein Fires require extremely thorough cleaning to remove lingering odors. Sometimes requiring a sealing agent or even repainting to completely remove the odor. It can also require multiple attempts and methods to achieve customer satisfaction.

What will happen if it’s not done

Procrastination can cost real money in terms of health side effects. It is recommended to rememdy the propety swiftly.