Cleaning Capabilities


When there is a Fire, Flood, Smoke or Mold introduced into a home, business, hospital, commercial property, etc., there are environmental health factors that need to be addressed to ensure that the Contents of that property are properly handled and cleaned to ensure the environmental hazard is fully removed In some instances, items need to be properly disposed of to ensure that there is not an environmental hazard maintained in the area or introduced into the public domain. In these instances it’s very important to have a Specialist who knows how to properly identify, handle, cleaned/ disinfect, deodorize and re-set the affected contents. The Cleaning Technicians working in our Technical Processing Lab are highly skilled and trained to properly remove the environmental hazard of cleanable contents before they are returned to the property. By utilizing the Sanitization Cycle in our warehouse, a process that utilizes high-tech ultrasonic machinery, cleaning agents and deionized water to ensure thorough cleaning of the contents, we are able to confidently and correctly clean all types of affects contents, from the various types of environmental influences they have been affected with.